Commence your visit with our delicious multi-cultural appetizers, or enjoy our local Farm-to-fork specialty salads and soups. Guests have the freedom of choice with palatable a la carte specialty items designed at a higher echelon than traditional steakhouse dining. We provide the seal above approval any independent entree item by architecting compliments that can top any signature entree item. Decide and conquer with delectable family-style side dishes to harmonize your dish. Our “sovereign plates” are collaborations developed to please any ones taste, including Signature Vegan and Vegetarian locally sourced seasonal creations. Gourmet flatbreads, and adroit exotic burgers are residents on the lunch menu, and designed to be exquisite on any Diplomat’s timeframe. Daily specials and specialty cuts are executed daily, creating excitement for even the most frequent of diners. Speciality sweets are constructed weekly to fit any occasion, with seasonal Farm-to-fork ingredients to ingenious presentations that perfect the acte final.

A hand crafted cocktail list was developed specifically to pair signature steaks and dishes, however solitary enjoyment is easily attained. An extensive 200+ bottle wine list designed to display a vast region, wineries. flavor profiles, and body weight to guide your personal experience with each sip. A considerable amount of specialized international spirits allows you to entertain any mood. The Diplomat Sacramento’s Signature Steakhouse the perfect place to satisfy, indulge, or entertain any guest just like any Diplomat would do.